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Vegetarian entrees

ONION BHAJIDeep fried onion with battered chick peas and spices$7.00
VEGETABLE SAMOSADeep fried triangular pastry filled with potatoes, green peas, nuts and other spices$7.00
MIXED VEGETABLE PAKORADeep fried fresh seasonal vegetables mixed with spices and chick pea flour$7.00
TANDOORI MUSHROOMMushroom marinated in yoghurt and special ground spices and cooked in a clay oven$15.00
PANEER TIKKACottage cheese marinated in yoghurt, spices and then cooked in a clay oven$16.00
TANDOORI SALADSChopped tomatoes, capsicum, cottage cheese and pineapple marinated in yoghurt and cooked in a clay …$16.00
VEGAN VEGETABLE PLATTERTwo pieces of samosa, vegetable pakora and onion bhaji.$21.00
PANEER PAKORA (5 pieces)Deep fried fresh cottage cheese with spices and chick pea flour$15.00

Vegetarian mains

All main dishes are served with rice.

VEGAN ALOO MATTARDiced potatoes and green peas cooked with tomato, onion, ginger, garlic and spices$17.00
VEGAN ALOO GOBHIPotatoes and cauliflower tempered in cumin seeds, cooked in a thick onion and tomato gravy$17.00
VEGAN ALOO SAAGPotatoes cooked with home ground spices and simmered in a rich spinach gravy$17.00
VEGAN JEERA ALOOPotatoes cooked with onion, tomatoes, spices and coriander$17.00
DAL MAKHANIBlack lentils cooked with butter, cream, spices and herbs$17.00
MATTAR MUSHROOMGreen peas and mushroom cooked with herbs, cream and onion gravy$17.00
PANEER MADRASCottage cheese cooked in onion with cashew nut gravy with coconut cream and coconut powder …$19.00
VEGETABLE LAVABDARFresh vegetable cooked in thick cashew nut, onion, and tomato gravy finished with cream$17.00
MALAI KOFTADeep fried mixture of cottage cheese and potatoes, stuffed with nuts and simmered in a …$17.00
NAVRATTAN KORMAFresh vegetables cooked with cashew nuts, ground spices and cream$17.00
VEGAN CHANA MASALAChick peas cooked with ginger, garlic, onion and tomatoes, garnished with fresh spices and coriander$17.00
VEGAN KADAI BABY CORNBaby corn cooked with whole coriander, crushed tomatoes, onion, capsicum and ground spices$17.00
VEG MAKHANIFresh vegetable cooked in butter sauce finished with cream and Indian herbs$17.00
PANEER MAKHANICottage cheese cooked in butter sauce$19.00
SAAG PANEERCottage cheese cooked with home ground spices and simmered in a rich spinach gravy$19.00
PANEER JALFREZICottage cheese pieces cooked with seasonal vegetables and ground spices$19.00
PANEER TIKKA MASALACottage cheese cooked in a delightful delicate onion, capsicum and special tasty sauce$19.00
KADAI PANEERCottage cheese cooked with crust tomatoes, onions and capsicums.$19.00
MUTTAR PANEERGreen peas and cottage cheese cooked with herbs and onion gravy$19.00
VEGETABLE JAIPURIMixed vegetables cooked with onion and cashew gravy, finished with papadoms$19.00
PANEER MADRASCottage cheese cooked in onion and cashew nut Gravy with coconut cream and coconut powder …$19.00
HAKKA NOODLESNoodles sautéed with spring onion, green chillies, carrots, cabbage and soy sauce$20.00
CHILLI BABY CORNBaby corn deep fried and sautéed with spring onion, capsicum and soy sauce$18.00
VEGAN VEGETABLE BIRYANIBasmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables, nuts and spices on a slow fire which creates …$20.00