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All main dishes are served with rice.

BEEF ROGAN JOSHDeliciously slow cooked beef dish in rich onion and tomato gravy and spices$21.00
BEEF JALFREZIBoneless beef cooked in fresh vegetables and spices$21.00
BEEF MASALABoneless beef cooked in a delightful delicate capsicum, onion and tomato gravy$21.00
BEEF BHUNA GHOSTBoneless beef cooked in spices, served dry and garnished with ginger, coriander and fried onions$21.00
BEEF VINDALOODiced beef pieces cooked in a hot ground vindaloo paste$21.00
BEEF KORMABoneless beef cooked in a cream and cashew nut gravy$21.00
BEEF MADRASA south Indian style beef curry cooked with coconut cream and desiccated coconut and tempered …$21.00
BEEF SAAGBoneless beef with spinach cooked in a special mix of spices$21.00
BEEF MUSHROOM MASALAMarinated beef cooked with mushroom, spices, onion and tomato gravy$21.00
BEEF DO PYAZABoneless beef cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices$21.00
BUTTER BEEFBoneless beef pieces marinated overnight, cooked in a clay oven and smothered in spices and …$21.00